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Trending: Floral Crowns
  • Trending: Floral Crowns

  • Everyone who knows me, knows how much I adore floral crowns! I love the many different looks you can achieve and in a world of "bling" and designer products, the idea of using raw, natural flowers to accessorize your bridal look feels so wholesome and right. I decided to do a very "bohemian chic"[...]
Copper Creek Wedding
  • Copper Creek Wedding

  • Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy and James. They were referred to me by Risa from Risa Gold and Associates, an inspiring and amazing wedding planner with over 24 years of experience (Thank you Risa!) Sometimes, you meet a bride and you just instantaneously "click". This is exactly wh[...]
Bridal Shower Attire
  • Bridal Shower Attire

  •   Wedding Season is upon us, and surprisingly, the most common question I get asked is: "What do I wear to a bridal shower" If you too are wondering what is appropriate- you are not alone. The most important factor in dressing for a bridal shower is to be chic and wear something that [...]
Behind the Scences: Whimsical Wonderland Style Shoot for Elegant Wedding Magazine