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Recent Blog Posts

Bridal Shower Attire
  • Bridal Shower Attire

  •   Wedding Season is upon us, and surprisingly, the most common question I get asked is: "What do I wear to a bridal shower" If you too are wondering what is appropriate- you are not alone. The most important factor in dressing for a bridal shower is to be chic and wear something that [...]
Behind the Scences: Whimsical Wonderland Style Shoot for Elegant Wedding Magazine
Karen Tran Floral Master Class- Royal DC
  • Karen Tran Floral Master Class- Royal DC

  • What a week!!! We recently got back from our week away in Washington DC taking part in the amazing Karen Tran Floral Masterclass. I am sure if you are a bride to be, or a floral fanatic, you already know who Karen in. Her work is truly extraordinary and her attention to detail is like no other. Natu[...]
5 Simple Ways to Survive a Bridal Show
  • 5 Simple Ways to Survive a Bridal Show

  • Petals & Pearls Booth from the Toronto Bridal Show, April 2013 With Canada's Bridal Show just around the corner (January 3rd, 4th, and 5th) 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and wedding season just around the corner, it's only fitting that I post this now. From my experience before b[...]