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Trending: Floral Crowns

Trending: Floral Crowns

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I adore floral crowns! I love the many different looks you can achieve and in a world of “bling” and designer products, the idea of using raw, natural flowers to accessorize your bridal look feels so wholesome and right.

I decided to do a very “bohemian chic” themed engagement shoot, and did a very sweet and effortless looking crown made of babys breath. There are so MANNYYYY variations of floral crowns out there, and with the comeback of babys breath, I felt it was only right to do something different, simple, trendy yet timeless. Something my daughter can look back at and fall in love with. And well, it fit perfectly with my look :) Thank you to MIMMO & CO for the stunning photos!


Receently, Strictly Weddings posted an entry on the 7 ways to wear a floral crown and I love each and every one of them!! With all the variety of flowers out there, the possibilities and looks to achieve are endless. I am itching for a bride to ask me to make one of these pieces *hint*


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