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Karen Tran Floral Master Class- Royal DC

What a week!!! We recently got back from our week away in Washington DC taking part in the amazing Karen Tran Floral Masterclass. I am sure if you are a bride to be, or a floral fanatic, you already know who Karen in. Her work is truly extraordinary and her attention to detail is like no other. Naturally, when my curiosity and love for flowers grew, I came across Karen’s work and immediately fell in love. I never imagined that I would one day meet her, let alone learn from the master herself.

The class took place at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental in the beautiful Washington D.C. It was my first time in DC and I didn’t know exactly what to expect (coming from a Political Science background in my undergrad) I only understood the political nature of the state, but seeing it in the flesh allowed me to appreciate the calm nature and culture of Washington DC in a different light. Not to mention, we arrived just in time to see the famous Cherry Blossom Trees!!

So, let’s get to it. How was the class? What did we do? Did it live up to its expectations? YES! The very first day, we enjoyed a breakfast with the other attendees who traveled from far distances, and of course with Karen herself. She told us about her journey, her trials and tribulations, her motivation and how she has remained so successful. It was a breath of fresh air to hear her words of encouragement. A lot of people don’t realize how tough it is working in the floral industry- the struggle to translate the amount of work, design and thought that goes into creating floral masterpieces to our brides is continuing and sometimes albeit, frustrating.

Our mission on the first day: Tackling the Bridal Bouquet. If you have seen Karen’s bouquets, you will notice how neat, “volumized” and beautifully embellished they are. We worked with roses, a variety of orchids, sweet pea and much more.

Our mission on the second day: Table-scape. Yes, WE DID IT! We worked diligently with our new floral friends to create the signature style Karen Tran Table-scape. Rich with luscious HUGE arrangements of hanging phal orchids, vandas, tulips, roses, hydrangeas, and all… in PURPLE! Our theme was gold and purple, hence the “Royal DC” label. We worked in teams of two, luckily I had my best friend and partner Farzana on my team (I wonder how that happened, hehe) and we created our very own version of the signature Karen Tran centerpiece, and let me tell you, it wasn’t as easy as it looks. Which makes me feel a bit better that out of the several teams, Karen used our arrangement on the table. No big deal *dusts shoulders off* We completed the look with gorgeous embellished candle votives, a ton of high and low floating candles (my absolute favourite) and low arrangements, and to top it off, a stunning cascading floral piece from table to floor. The lucky 20 of us got to return to our lavish table and have a fabulous dinner hosted by Karen herself.

Our mission on the last day: One of the most exciting parts for me was creating the dreamy canopy and the highly anticipated trend for 2014 and the first for Karen’s Masterclass, the flower wall. What is the flower wall? Basically a 10×10 of floral heaven! We spent our last night celebrating our successful week by getting glammed up and having a cocktail dinner that was open to the public and vendors in the wedding industry.

This was truly an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. The techniques I learned, coupled with the inspiration and added drive I experienced, is exactly what I needed to bring my business to the next level and deliver absolutely extraordinary pieces to my brides going forward.

In the meantime, enjoy some of these photos from our week with Karen. :)

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